Integrated Mosquito Management Program

Victoria Parks & Recreation’s Integrated Mosquito Management Program guides the department's effort to monitor, prevent, and manage mosquitoes while reducing the potential spread of mosquito-borne diseases. The program includes comprehensive guidelines for mosquito spraying, larviciding, and standing water abatement, and it also includes a trapping program that helps with disease monitoring.

Click here to view our comprehensive Integrated Mosquito Management Plan.

Mosquito Control Methods

The best prevention for mosquitoes is to eliminate them before they become adults. Parks & Recreation uses biological larvicide products to treat standing water and eliminate mosquito eggs and larvae.

Parks & Recreation typically sprays for adult mosquitoes 8-10 days after a heavy rainfall. Spraying the whole city takes multiple days. The spray cannot be used in rain.

Parks & Recreation schedules mosquito spraying using a map that divides the city into zones. This helps Parks & Recreation spray the whole city efficiently without applying a large amount of insecticide in a concentrated area.

View the mosquito zone spraying map.

Everyone Can Play a Role to Reduce Mosquitoes

Victoria Parks & Recreation can only spray and treat standing water in the public areas of our city. We cannot spray or treat standing water on private property. Larvicides are available at most home improvement stores for you to safely treat standing water on your private property.

Parks & Recreation offers these tips for residents:

  • Remove or cover containers that could hold water.
  • Fill in or drain puddles, ruts and tree hollows.
  • Keep gutters and culverts clean so that rainwater can drain properly.
  • Change the water in bird baths, wading pools, etc. at least once each week.