Common Violations

  1. High Grass & Weeds
  2. Junk Vehicles
  3. Trash & Debris
  4. Tree Trimming
  5. Unsafe Buildings

High Grass and WeedsGrass and weeds over 12 inches high are a violation of Victoria City Code. Property owners and tenants are responsible for keeping their lawns mowed and clippings cleared from the adjacent sidewalk and street.

Correcting the Violation

Written notification is sent to the property owners or tenants who are allowed seven days to mow their property. If the violation is not corrected after the time has elapsed, the city will mow the high grass and weeds and send the owner an invoice. 

For more information, access the Victoria City Code, Chapter 10-41.

Additional Code Enforcement Resources

Animal-Related Concerns

For animal-related concerns, contact Victoria County Animal Control at 361-578-3564.

Concerns may include:

  • Animal bite incidents
  • Animal cruelty
  • Dangerous animals
  • Dead animals on public property
  • Loose livestock
  • Stray/lost/injured animals

Deed Restriction

Contact your Homeowners Association (HOA)

If you live in an area with a Homeowners Association (HOA) it may have adopted stricter deed restrictions including aesthetic controls. Deed restrictions are private contracts and are not enforced by the City.