Industrial Pretreatment


The Pretreatment  Department administers federal, state and local mandates, such as the Clean Water Act,  to protect the City of Victoria's wastewater collection system, wastewater treatment plants and the Guadalupe River from pollutants. The department regulates industrial users (IUs) and commercial users by monitoring what they discharge into the wastewater collection system from their process. 

The department also regulates and enforces the Oil and Grease Ordinance. 

Industrial Waste Discharge Ordinance

Generators of Grease and Grit Trap Waste Ordinance
Grease Interceptor Sizing

Important Notice to Commercial Accounts


Services provided by this department:

  • Assist the Spill Response Team
  • Assist in controlling pollutants discharged into the collection system. 
  • Issues Industrial Discharge Permits
  • Determine surcharges assessed to commercial users that discharge high strength or solids bearing waste.
  • Implement and enforce the federal and state-mandated Pretreatment Program that regulates commercial user discharges to the sanitary sewer and Public Treatment Works.
  • Process private monitoring well applications, issue permits, and conduct on-going monitoring of sites
  • Provide customer service and training on proper disposal practices and pollution prevention
  • Regulate the food service establishments (Oil and Grease Ordinance) that have the potential to discharge excessive pollutants to the sanitary sewer.

Annual Pretreatment Questionnaire/Application(PDF)