Prohibit Discharges to Storm Drain

Don’t Wash It Outside

It has come to our attention recently that some establishments may be washing equipment outside or allowing waters from their business activities to drain to natural drainage. This practice is strictly prohibited. It can create a health hazard when products are deposited in storm inlets, on driveways, and in grassy areas. 

In addition, most drives are sloped so that waters will flow into storm drainage systems. Storm drainage systems are intended for storm waters only. Storm drains enter streams that connect with the Guadalupe River. 

These systems do not pass the water through any type of treatment process, so the waters that are contaminated with wastes enter the river as they are deposited. The waters of the Guadalupe serve as drinking water for many cities, so it is very important that we protect them. It is also a violation of State and Federal law to dispose of wastes in a storm drainage system. This would be considered an unauthorized discharge and could result in penalties and clean up costs.