Preliminary Plats

Any time the owner/developer intends to plat, subdivide, or resubdivide land within the corporate city limits or the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), a plat must be filed with the City of Victoria.

Submission and content requirements for plats may be found in the Subdivision Ordinance (PDF), in Section 21-30. Land use designations and their corresponding setbacks and regulations may be found beginning in Section 21-81.

Please submit all required materials to the Development Center in person or via mail at:
702 N Main Street
Suite 128
Victoria, TX 77901

Minor Plats

If the land in question will be divided into four or fewer lots, the project may qualify as a Minor Plat, subject to constraints found in the Subdivision Ordinance (PDF), Section 21-30. 

Minor plats may be reviewed administratively and may be exempt from formal Planning Commission Approval.

Construction Plans

Construction plans shall be required whenever a subdivision necessitates the installation and dedication of:

  • Drainage facilities
  • Public streets
  • Sanitary sewer mains
  • Water mains
  • Other public subdivision improvements

Requirements for construction plans may be found in Section 21-66 of the Subdivision Ordinance (PDF).

Additional Resources