Citizen Compliments & Complaints

We are interested in hearing about what we are doing right so we may continue quality services. You may visit our Customer Service Request page by clicking here to share information regarding any compliments you have for our employees. You may also call the Office of the Chief of Police at 361-485-3714 or email Internal Affairs.

Communicating Complaints to the Department Including Racial Profiling

A Message from the Chief of Police

The Victoria Police Department takes great pride in serving the public in a respectful and professional manner. As Chief of Police, I welcome your feedback concerning the service and performance of the department.

It is important that our department always maintain a high level of public trust from the community we serve. To help accomplish this, we will take responsive and appropriate actions in investigating legitimate complaints that we receive concerning allegations of misconduct on the part of our employees.

As a department, we are committed to investigating complaints thoroughly, objectively and fairly. It is critical that the complaint process be open, transparent and as impartial as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to become more familiar with our complaint process. I also appreciate your support for the men and women of the Victoria Police Department.

Jeff Craig, Chief of Police

Internal Affairs Unit

The Internal Affairs Unit is part of the Department’s Professional Standards Section and is responsible for receiving, processing and investigating any alleged misconduct or criminal conduct against any member of the Victoria Police Department. These investigations are under the supervision of the Chief of Police who ensures that all allegations are investigated thoroughly and objectively.

Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint against a member of the Victoria Police Department you may contact the Internal Affairs Unit in person during business hours at 361-485-3714 or email them.

You may also speak with a Supervisor by appearing in person at the police department.

Complaint Process

All complaints will be accepted by the Internal Affairs Unit. Each will be reviewed and then assigned to either the internal affairs unit or the employee’s immediate supervisor for investigation. Following a thorough and impartial investigation, a disposition will be made based on all available facts and a totality of the circumstances.

Disposition of Complaints

The results of all allegations of misconduct are given one of the following final dispositions:

  • Exonerated: The incident complained upon did occur but was lawful and proper.
  • Not Sustained: There is not sufficient evidence either to prove or disprove the allegation.
  • Sustained: The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence. The allegation is true, and the action of the employee was inconsistent with Police Department policy.
  • Unfounded: The allegation is false, not factual or did not occur.
  • Other: The allegation involves a training or customer service issue only.

Questions or Recommendations

If you have any questions or recommendations on how the Victoria Police Department can improve your police service, please call the Office of the Chief of Police at 361-485-3714 or mail correspondence directly to Interim Chief J Mark Jameson at the Victoria Police Department,
306 S Bridge
Victoria, TX 77901