911 Center

City of Victoria Emergency Communications911 Communications has the mission of coordinating the response of resources to an emergency. We service a population of more than 91,000 city and county residents.

911 History

The service of providing 911 began here in Victoria in 1975. Up until that time, residents were required to call a seven digit phone number for emergency service. The first 911 system was very basic. It provided only a means of simplifying the dialing process. One number to call in an emergency would put the emergency services of Victoria County into action.


This early 911 did not provide a means for giving the dispatcher a telephone number or address with the 911 phone call. This would come in April of 1992 when Victoria began providing enhanced 911. With this new version, the dispatcher receives the telephone number that the caller is calling from along with the last listed telephone company address for the phone number.

It needs to be understood that the dispatcher is still going to verify your phone number and the address where the incident is occurring. This new system aids in providing more rapid services to those individuals who, by the nature of their complaint are unable to communicate verbally with the dispatcher. The center also provides TTY service for the hearing impaired caller via 911.