Fire Protection Systems

PurposeThe Compliance Engine

The Victoria Fire Marshal’s Office now uses The Compliance Engine to manage annual inspections of all fire protection systems in the city. Service Providers submit their inspection reports electronically to The Compliance Engine for review by the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Plan Review & Permitting

The Victoria Fire Marshal’s Office conducts plan reviews on all fire protection systems. We require at least 3 stamped sets of plans, manufacturer product data sheets, and necessary calculations. We typically return reviewed plans within 10 business days. At this time, there are no provisions for rushed or priority reviews. Contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at 361-485-3460 for permit fee calculations.

Final Inspection Request

 The Victoria Fire Marshal’s Office adopted the 2021 International Fire Code with local amendments, One section of the code, Section 901.2.1, has not been enforced locally. Due to increased workloads and other limitations, Section 901.2.1 will now be enforced.

Section 901.2.1 Statement of Compliance.

Before requesting final approval of the installation, where required by the fire code official, the installing contractor shall furnish a written statement to the fire code official that the subject fire protection system has been installed in accordance with approved plans and has been tested in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and the appropriate installation standard.  Any deviations from the design standards shall be noted and copies of the approvals for such deviations shall be attached to the written statement.

All request shall be on company letter head.  Final approval (testing) will not be conducted until the written statement is delivered to the Fire Marshal’s Office.  (To View Submittal Requirement Document Click Here)