Victim Services


The Crime Victim Liaison with the Victoria Police Department assists victims of violent crimes through our Victim Assistance Program. The goal of this program is to: 

  1. Assist victims of crime
  2. Protect and advocate the Rights of Victims (PDF)
  3. Provide resources and referrals in our area
  4. Prevent further victimization

Victims are notified of their victim rights through our Victim Assistance Information Booklet which in most cases is provided by the responding officer at the scene of the incident.

Crime Victim Liaison

Oftentimes, crime victims are unaware of what will happen next with their case, therefore the VPD Crime Victim Liaison is available to help answer those questions. Our Crime Victim Liaison also provides case status; information about the criminal justice system; court and hospital accompaniment; and can assist in filing for Crime Victims’ Compensation through the Texas Crime Victims’ Compensation Program.

Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund

The Crime Victims’ Compensation Fund is supported from fees paid by those convicted of a crime in the State of Texas. The fund provides assistance for medical bills, counseling, lost wages, funeral expenses and other crime-related expenses without any cost to taxpayers.