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Hotel Occupancy Tax Funding

By law of the State of Texas, the City of Victoria collects a Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) from hotels, bed & breakfasts, and other lodging facilities.  Under state law, revenue from the municipal hotel occupancy tax may be used only to promote tourism and the convention and hotel industry, and that use is limited to the following categories:

1. Convention Centers and Visitor Information Centers
2. Registration of Convention Delegates
3. Advertising, Solicitations and Promotions
4. Promotions of the Arts
5. Historical Restoration and Preservation
6. Sporting Event Expenses
7. Directional Signs
8. Transportation of Tourists

The City of Victoria accepts applications from groups and businesses whose program fits into one or more of the above categories. Applications are reviewed by the City’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and evaluated by a HOT Funds sub-committee of the City of Victoria’s Tourism Advisory Board. The sub-committee’s evaluation will be based on a mathematical formula using objective data submitted as part of this application. This evaluation process will be the basis for the sub-committee’s recommendation to City Council for HOT Funds awards. Applicants will have an opportunity to appeal the recommendation, in writing, prior to Council’s consideration. City Council will make the final decision on all requests.

HOT Funds Qualifications Criteria 2021-2022
Application Workshops-Information Sessions
HOT Funds Application 2021-2022
HOT Funds Appeal Form 2021-2022