Fee Schedule


Residential or commercial construction projects that require a fire protection system require those systems to be permitted through the Fire Marshal’s office. 

Fees for Fire Department Services & Permits

Permit or ServiceFee
Foster Home$35
Day Care within residential building$35
Day Care within commercial building$75
Group Home within residential building$35
Group Home within commercial building$75
Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Memory Care, and
Independent Living
$100 For 1st building
  $50 each additional building        
Hospital (single story)$200
Hospital (multi story)$300
Free Standing ER or Urgent Care Facilities$75
Dialysis Center$75
After Hours Inspection$60/hour (2) hour minimum
No Permit Issued or On-Site Penalty            (1st Offense)$250
No Permit Penalty Issued or On-Site        (Each Subsequent Offense)$350
Re-Inspection Fee (After 2nd Inspection)$50 Each Additional Inspection
Fuel Dispenser$25 per Dispenser
Fuel Tank Removal$75 per Tank
Fuel Tank Installation$75 per Tank
Fire Protection System (Fire Pump)$100
Fire Protection System (Standpipe)$75
Automatic Sprinkler System

$100 plus $1 per sprinkler head

Underground Sprinkler System Lead-In$100
Sprinkler System Re-model (1-19) sprinkler heads$50
Smoke Control System$50
Fire Alarm System$100 plus $1 per fire alarm device
Fire Alarm system Re-Model (1 through 5) alarm devices$50
Automatic Extinguishing Systems: (Clean Agent, Paint Booth,etc.)$100
Commercial Kitchen Suppression System$75
Mobile Food Vendor Permit$100
Fireworks, Flame Effects, Pyrotechnic Displays (Permit)$75 per day

Fireworks, Flame Effect, Pyrotechnic Display

(Fire Marshal On Site For Event)

$60 per hour
Open Burning Permit Agricultural

 $75 per day

Open Burning Permit Commercial$150 per day