What happens after the petition is filed?

Within twenty days of being filed, the City Secretary shall examine the petition and determine whether it contains the required number of valid signatures.  The Charter stated that the “City Secretary need not examine, and shall declare void, any petition paper which does not have attached thereto the affidavit of the person who circulated it as required” (see question above).  After completing the examination of  the petition, the City Secretary shall certify the result of the examination to the Council at the next regular meeting and state the number of signers found on the petition to be qualified to vote and the number found to not be qualified to vote.  If the petition for initiative is insufficient, the “City Secretary shall notify the person filing the petition, and the petition may be amended within ten days from date of such notice by filing a supplementary petition upon additional papers signed and filed as provided for an original petition,” as stated in the Charter.  The City Secretary shall examine the amendment within ten days and certify the amended petition as to its sufficiency.  The Charter states “if the amended petition is found insufficient, the City Secretary shall return the petitions to the person who filed them, without prejudice to the filing of a new petition for the same purpose.”

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