Will high-speed internet be available at my house?

Internet providers make decisions about where to place their networks based on population density, internet adoption rates and other factors. You can contact Sparklight or AT&T directly to determine whether your neighborhood is included in their network plans.

Both AT&T and Sparklight offer those who are interested the chance to sign up to be notified if/when fiber is available where they live:

During the initial phase of installation, both providers are planning to concentrate their efforts on the north side of Victoria for economic reasons. The Victoria Broadband Commission is exploring solutions that would encourage internet providers to install their networks in underserved areas.

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1. What are AT&T and Sparklight doing?
2. Is the City paying for the installation of these networks?
3. How long will the installation take?
4. Will high-speed internet be available at my house?
5. How will I know when the installation crews are coming to my street?
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8. Will the crews trim my trees during the installation?
9. Since two companies are installing networks, will my street be visited twice?
10. How will I know that the crews are legitimate? I’m worried about scammers.
11. Who should I contact if I have any questions?