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1. What is the difference between a plea of not guilty, guilty, and no contest?
2. How much does my ticket cost?
3. What forms of payment do you accept?
4. Is my citation eligible for a payment plan?
5. Can I take defensive driving for my ticket?
6. Is my ticket eligible for Deferred Disposition?
7. How will a conviction affect me?
8. How can I get jail credit for a case?
9. What are some examples of City Code violations and how are they processed through Municipal Court?
10. If I have warrants, will I be arrested if I come to court?
11. Why do I have to pay court costs even if I don't go to trial?
12. Will the court appoint an attorney for me?
13. What is the difference between a trial by jury and a trial by judge?
14. What do I need to do to keep a case off my record?
15. What are some other useful websites and information resources I may need when resolving traffic and parking ticket related issues?