City of Victoria Form Center

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Fire Department

  1. Burn Permit Application
  2. Construction Permit Blank Entry
  3. Operational Permit
  4. Outdoor Assembly Permit Application

    An Operation Permit is required to conduct an outdoor assembly event where planned attendance exceeds 1,000 persons. See Section 3106... More…

  5. Request for EMS Standby
  6. Victoria Fire Department Civilian Responder Program 2024

    The Victoria Fire Department Civilian Responder Program is a great opportunity for the civilians of Victoria to learn how to react in... More…

  1. Construction Permit
  2. Fire and Ice Registration

    The Victoria Fire Department will host “Fire and Ice”, a free fire safety event, 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. July 21 at Station 4, 2007 Salem... More…

  3. Operational Permit Blank Entry
  4. Request A Smoke Alarm
  5. Request for Public Education/ Program by VFD