• Junior League Formal
  • Tables set for a wedding reception
  • Warriors Weekend Muster Flag
  • Socials in the Dome
  • Seminar Setting
  • Section 1 Theater Seating
  • Quarter section before 2014 renovations
  • Panoramic view of Community Center stage and chairs
  • Community Center Lobby
  • Junior League Formal Table
  • Small section set up as interview space
  • Industry Expos and Trade Shows
  • Healthy Woman Vendor Set Up
  • Full Annex Empty
  • Front Half of annex before 2014 renovations
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Dome Kitchens Under Renovation
  • Dome before and after event set up
  • Concessions Snack Beverage and Ticket Booth
  • Concessions Lobby Service Window
  • Community Center set up for company event
  • Community Center set up for banquet
  • Outdoor carnival ride
  • Victoria Community Center hosting Victoria Comic Con
  • Victoria Community Center set up to host a sporting event

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